My Guide To: Flatlays


Hello, lovely people!
This is my guide to Flatlays! I get lots of really nice comments from you all on my flatlay pictures on Instagram, so I thought I'd share some tips with you all on how I create them. (The pictures are in order of each step). Today I am shooting a new pair of sandals I purchased from Rubi.
1. Use a white background. I use a piece of glossy cardboard
2. Shoot your flatlay near natural lighting. This will bring out the natural colours in the items you use. I place the cardboard on top of my bed which is next to a window.
3. Use one central piece to focus in your flatlay; something that draws your attention. I used the sandals.
4. I always stick to a theme in each of my flatlays. If you are choosing a coloured theme, its best to stick to two colours only, that way your picture won't look so busy. You could also choose a theme such as summer, romance etc. For example, in my flatlay I've chosen to use different shades of blue, as well as keeping with a summer theme.
5. Take pictures intermittently. I usually take pictures after every second item I add onto the board. This gives you an idea of what the items look like in the flatlay.
6. If you have blank spaces in your square, use small items such as rings or lollies.
7. After I have taken my final shot, I always remove a few little things from the picture that dont really work. In this picture, I removed a mascara, a ring, a nail polish and a few fake flowers.
Extra Tip! Make sure to keep you pictures fun and colourful! Nobody wants to see a boring flatlay!
Hope you've enjoyed my guide to flatlays and actually learnt a new tip or so! My guide to Editing my Instagram Pictures will be up here very soon!
Much love, 

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