My Guide To: Keeping a Planner


Hello lovely people!

Welcome to my very first 'My Guide To'! This post is all about how to keep a planner. If you like this post, make sure to suggest things you want guides to. Ok, lets get into it!

I have a large Kikki K planner, I got it for Christmas 2015 along with some accessories to go with it. For years I had always had a diary, but I wanted somewhere that I could keep everything in so I wouldn't lose or forget things. The planner is divided into 7 different sections; monthly view, weekly view, addresses, birthdays and anniversaries, shops and restaurants, to do and expenses, along with my large collection of stickers. The expenses sections was irrelevant to me, so using a blank sticker, I changed that section to blogging, and swapped the expenses paper for plain paper.

The monthly view includes a yearly overview of the 2016 and 2017 as well as a calendar set out over two pages for each month of 2016.

The weekly view works as a diary for more detailed information about daily events and tasks. I always use stickers to remind myself of birthdays, holidays and important events. I also use sticky notes to remind myself of tasks that need to be completed on certain days.

Obviously, the addresses section of my planner is for writing down addresses and phone numbers.

The birthdays and anniversaries is great for jotting down good ideas for presents for friends and family. I also have a gift list in this section too.

Although this section is empty in my planner, the shops and restaurants section allows for you to write down and remember some great places you've been to.

With detachable to-do lists, the to do section is perfect for being more organised when completing tasks. I use them if I have alot to complete for school.

My blogging pages are perfect for listing ideas for blog posts and the details that go with them. I also use lots of sticky notes in this section to remind myself of brands I need to contact or listing the parcels I have arriving soon.

It doesn't matter if you are organised or not, having a planner is the best! If you're not an organised person, then it is a perfect time to start getting organised. If you are an organised person, then the planner is great to have to keep being organised! I definitely recommend getting one!

I hope you liked this post very much, I really enjoyed working on it! See you soon!

Much love, 

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