Kill them with success, bury them with a smile...


Hello lovely people,

Hope you all are well! Apart from the fact that my brother has passed on his cold to me, I am pretty good!

Last Saturday, the girls and I went out to dinner to the Italian Kitchen at Miranda, then to dessert at San Churro (of course haha). It was a really nice night spent with some great friends. Klimentina and I managed to sneak in these photos at the end of the night, and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

I just have to say I'm in love with this playsuit! It's probably the nicest thing I have in my wardrobe at the moment. I bought it because I needed some nice clothes to wear out to events and dinners, because, even though I would like to, I can not wear my favourite WWE t-shirt and overalls everywhere! This playsuit is so incredibly comfortable! It's a great piece to dress up but also to dress down, which I love to do; I always dress everything I wear so its very casual and comfortable to wear.

I've also really been into denim lately, especially since realising that I have a lot of denim that I don't often wear (since I'm in my overalls 24/7) all the time. Denim is a great staple that every girl should have!

Wearing: Playsuit- Cotton On, Denim Shirt Vest- Jay Jays, Sandals- Rubi Shoes, Jewellery- Lovisa

Much love,

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