My Guide To: Editing my Instagram Pics


Hello, lovely people!

Hope you all have been well! This is My Guide To Editing my Instagram Photos. I currently use an app called Snapseed which is free, and I love it. Its so easy to use and it creates really nice images. Here are my steps to editing today's picture; a quote card from Kikki K.

1. Crop the photo into a square, all of my Instagram photos are square to create a more cohesive feed.
2. Use a frame around your picture. I think frames look really nice when scrolling through my feed. I usually use a -10 frame.

3. Tune the image to add brightness, contrast and saturation. I like to use quite a bit of brightness and saturation to enhance my image,ms but making sure the things in the photo still look natural.

4. If there is something I dont like in my photo, I then use the highlight tool to change things. For example, if I have too much saturation in my image, I use dodge and burn to fix that.


Well there you go! I hope this helps you all in editing your own Instagram photos. Until next time..
Much love,

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