2016 Red Carpet Fashion


Hello lovely people!
The 2016 award season is officially over (*sad face*) but luckily we still have lots of gorgeous fashion to look through. I've gathered a few of my favourite bloggers together to share their opinions on the best and worst dressed celebrities from the four major awards shows of 2016, the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild awards, Grammys and Oscars. My panel of bloggers include:

Chloe @chloeinroses
Abbey @abbeyyblog
Shay @shaylikeslemons
and me!

Chloe's Picks:
 Best Dressed: Margot Robbie- Oscars
Perhaps I am biased because I love Margot to pieces. But I don't think she can do any wrong. She is the type of lady who can pull off a plastic bag. I love how glamorous and classy she looks; like a modern day Marilyn Monroe.

Best Dressed: Cate Blanchett- Oscars
I love the whole look. The dress is a beautiful Armani Prive design and the colour really compliments her under tones. It looks dreamy and luxurious and is a typical 'fairy princess' dress - that I think is safe say every girl wanted at one stage in their life.

Worst Dressed: Maggie Gyllenhaal - Golden Globes
I felt that the pattern and style didn't flatter her one bit. It takes her from 38 years old to 68 years old. But if she is happy and feels great in it - good on her!

Worst Dressed: Reese Witherspoon- Oscars
This dress has a lot of potential to be great. I feel it looks like it isn't tailored (at all) and I'm not sold on 'bra poking out of the top' look. I'm not 100% sure what is going on here but there is plenty of other classier dresses you could wear.

Shay's Picks:
Best Dressed: Rooney Mara- Golden Globes
I think Rooney looks stunning in this dress; it's simple yet very flattering on her. The makeup and hair also compliment her dress. Some may not like this dress but I think it's really beautiful especially on her!

Best Dressed: Jennifer Lawrence- Oscars
I love this dress! Especially on J-Law. It's elegant, feminine whilst remaining modern. She looks stunning! Love, Love, Love!

Worst Dressed: Jane Fonda- Golden Globes
Personally, I think Jane was the worst dressed because the frills simply make her look like a cake.

Worst Dressed: Lori Petty- Screen Actors Guild
She gets the award for worst dressed... in history. The bright pink is less than flattering and don't get me started on those, what even are they? Seat belts?

Abbey's Picks:

Best Dressed: Adele- Grammys
She looks stunning as always! I feel like she rocks everything she wears.

Best Dressed: Ellie Goulding- Grammys
She looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress. I love the blush pink on her!

Worst Dressed- Kacey Musgraves- Grammys
I don't mean to offend anyone but I just don't like this outfit. I love the colours and all but not the shape and style.

Worst Dressed: Kate Winslet- Oscars
Don't get me wrong, Kate is an amazing actress and I love her but her it just looks like she has covered herself in duct tape.

My Picks:

Best Dressed: Brie Larson- Screen Actors Guild
I just have to say, Brie Larson is my new favourite actress. She really stunned in this dress. This colour is so gorgeous on Brie! The dress is really modern and fresh. I loved her makeup with this look as well, but I feel like she could've done something else with her hair, I'm not really into the hair at all, I think it could have been a bit more modern.

Best Dressed: Alicia Vikander- Oscars
Alicia is simply gorgeous. Everything about this look works so incredibly well on her, from the dress and shoes to the hair and makeup. The colour works so well with her complexion! She looks like a modern-day Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Worst Dressed: January Jones- Screen Actors Guild
Where do I even start??? Firstly, there is way too much fabric; the dress is almost swallowing her up. I personally think the hair doesn't help either, it is way too big. The dress also isn't tailored to her body at all; the woman should wear the dress, the dress shouldn't wear the woman!!!

Worst Dressed: Chrissy Teigen- Oscars
I was so disappointed when I saw this look on Chrissy, she is always so gorgeous!I think the colour really ages her. I'm not a huge fan of the pattern either; it's quite old-fashion for me. She looked to so amazing in the white gown at the Grammys!

Well there you have it! Thankyou to all the bloggers who contributed their opinions! Until next awards season...

Much love,

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