Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016


Hello lovely people!

I hope all is well amongst you all, it's been a while since my last post. I just haven't anything too interesting to write about, but luckily enough now I do! Yesterday, my family and I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

We did a little bit of everything at the show! Went on some rides, played some of the games, saw a whole lot of animals and so much more! I didn't go on too many rides though; I only went on the rides that weren't too fast or high. We even managed to get my mum onto the Wave Swinger; which whisks you off your feet and up, up and away in the smoothest of soaring sensations 15 meters above the ground, but once she got onto the ride and it was in full force, we discovered that rides aren't really her cup of tea! Ha-ha! I also went on the Crazy Spinning Coaster and the Super Slide (twice!).

It was so cool to stroll around the Farmyard Nursery with over 800 free-range animals! There were so many adorable goats, ducks, chickens and lambs to pat along the way.

There's a festival of flavours and tongue-teasing taste sensations at the Sydney Royal Easter Show along with pavilions packed with fashion, home and lifestyle products, and plenty more to see and do! We tried quite a lot of different foods! I had these awesome waffles with chocolate and strawberries which were delightful and my mum had the deep-fried Oreos! There were also a lot of purchases throughout the day as we walked through some of the pavilions. My brother and I bought an emoji pillow each which I am now obsessed with! I got the heart eyes emoji! My mum also got an emoji on a key ring.

No day at the Easter Show is complete without a trip to the Showbag Hall! Treats, toys and tonnes of fun, there's a showbag for every age, taste and budget. I ended up getting the Elle Magazine bag, Dolly Magazine Bag, Trolli lollies bag and the Cadbury Marvellous Creations bag! (You'll probably see more of these on my Instagram in the weeks to come)

It was really a great day and if you live in Sydney it's definitely a fun-filled, jam packed day out with your friends or family.

Until next time...

Much love,


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