Graduation Week Photo Diary


Hello, lovely people!

I am back and have finally fixed the blog! Yay! So excited to be bringing you this (long) post showing you in photos my last week ever at school!

Monday, we all dressed up like nerds for our last full day of classes. Tuesday was our movie and TV characters muck up day, where I dressed up as a minion and we had a teachers vs students volleyball game and got a pizza lunch. Then came Wednesday where we had a formal graduation ceremony at school and then headed off to fridge to fridge!

Thankyou to all my friends and year group for making the past 6 years so wonderful! Thankyou to my parents for all their support! And thankyou to my teachers, thankyou for all your amazing support, advice and guidance over the past 6 years (especially this year)! I will be forever grateful to have had a schooling experience as awesome as I have had for the past 13 years, and a little part of me is sad to see it all go, but there are bigger and better things waiting for me in the world! School has given me so many friendships and amazing experiences that I will certainly cherish forever.

Let's wipe the floor with the HSC exams!

Thankyou SHS Class of 2016!

Much love,

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