Nothing to fear but fear itself


Hello, lovely people!

Long time, no talk! I've been super busy studying for the HSC these past couple of weeks and I am so glad to say that I only have 2 exams left now! Yay! But it's a Friday afternoon now and I don't have another exam until next Friday, so I thought I would take this time to share a cool, new outfit post with all you lovely people!

These pants are my new found love. It's pretty rare to see me in anything other than denim, so these pants are a fresh change from the normal outfits! They are so comfy and light too- perfect for any time of the year (I wore them to school last week in 30 degree heat and wasn't bothered at all!). I've been looking for a cool pair of culottes for a while too and when I found these ones, I knew I had to have them! And they were so inexpensive, definitely recommend!

Top- Cotton On, Pants- Ally Fashion, Shoes- Rubi Shoes, Sunglasses- Rubi Shoes

Looking forward to sharing more content with you all after my exams finish in November!

Much love,

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