The Domino Effect


Hello, lovely people!

Today is an exciting day, it is the first day of Summer here in Australia, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show filmed today (my Facebook is 100% full of angels) and there is only 25 sleeps until Christmas! Today I decorated the house in honour of the festive season, ate hot chips, watched High School Musical 3 (oh, the memories!) and yelled at my cats for trying to eat the tinsel off of the tree, good times!!

This outfit has been sitting in my computer for quite a while (since about late October, oops) and since it was way too hot and sunny to shoot anything new outside today (too much sun ruins my photos), I thought I bring this look out from the depths of my computer and share it with you all!

We all know of my new found love for striped pants but these pants were the biggest bargain of my life, I picked them up at Topshop and they were on sale from $90 to $27!!!!!! So of course, I couldn't resist and added a new pair of striped pants to my slowly growing collection. Although they aren't like my culottes (still obsessed) these pants are so comfty and are nice for a more formal occasion (not paired with sneakers and a tee like I have below, I'm not a formal, dressy person haha!) My tip if you were to wear them for anywhere else that isn't fancy, roll the pant legs up once or twice so they are cuffed, much cooler and youthful for an everyday look!

Tee- Dotti, Pants- Topshop, Sneakers and Sunglasses- Rubi Shoes

Much love,

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