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Hello lovely people!

Happy Friday the 13th! Haha! Hope you all are well! I've been good, just went to the movies to see The Edge Of Seventeen (such an amazing movie!!) with Klimentina on Wednesday evening and we had so much fun! Also just a quick side note- I am starting a giveaway on Monday 16th January and it will be a back to school giveaway so don't forget to enter over on my Instagram (@mollyandgizmo) on Monday so you can win!

I have just been flicking through these photos from Wednesday night and I've come to realise that this particular outfit is very similar to the last outfit post that went up last week... oops! Two reasons for that 1. the self-timer on my camera isn't working so I can't shoot anything by myself at the moment until I get it fixed or get a new camera and 2. it was way too hot to go outside and shoot the outfit I wanted to shoot, so I improvised and got Klimetina to take these pics on my phone whilst we were out the other day!

Anyway, this top is my new favourite piece for Summer! It's lightweight and I love any top that is more like a muscle tee so the arm holes (don't know what they are called haha) are bigger! So perfect for this hot, hot weather we're having at the moment! I also picked up another one of these tops in a cute red colour and they are both perfect with high waisted shorts!

Top- Cotton On, Crop top (worn underneath)- Cotton On Body, Shorts- Factorie, Shoes- Rubi Shoes

Much love,

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