Meet the Blogger: Georgia Keegan


The beauty behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, The Fashion Venture, and the YouTube channel, Georgia Cate, shares her thoughts about YouTube and blogging.

1. How would you describe your blog and the content you share?

The content  I share on my blog and all social media platforms is based around fashion, being confident, happy with yourself and sharing my journey with a chronic illness but never letting it limit or define what I do. 

2. Why did you start blogging?

 My blogging journey began as an extension of my YouTube channel. I felt that I wasn't able to share the fashion lovin' side of me through it as effectively as I wanted to. That's when the birth of The Fashion Venture happened. 

3. What made you want to move from a world of beauty to a world of fashion?

As much as I love beauty and all it entails, it's never made my heart sing the way fashion does. As my confidence of my voice on social media grew, I realised I didn't have to keep doing beauty in order to be liked and decided to step back from it and do more of what makes me feel fulfilled and happy (fashhhuun!!) I've never looked back and it also showed that people enjoy you being your true self unapologetically rather than trying to conform in order to be who you think you should be. 

4. What does fashion mean to you?

Everything!! Hahah. Fashion is a form of self expression. It is we're individuality and creativity unite, to produce unique and unimaginable beauty. Fashion is such a broad and ever changing concept which I find so exciting. Clothes always give me different vibes and energies depending on the look and that is one of my favourite aspects of fashion. A really important one too. 

5. How does YouTube allow you to express your fashion and lifestyle?

YouTube allows me to express and show my everyday style in real time and through movement. I love how it allows you to bring your garments to life in a video. As for my lifestyle, YouTube has been an amazing tool to share my life with you guys. Vlogs are my favourite part of YouTube because they provide a more realistic glimpse into my everyday adventures. 

6. How would you say the influence of social media has changed the way we view fashion? Is it a positive or negative change? 

So many people bag out social media for all its negatives, which obviously there are some, but personally I think it is such a positive and powerful tool! I definitely think it has changed the way we view fashion and allowed more people to be confident and creative with their style. It has also made fashion more accessible, and a place of community rather than competition. 

7. How do you feel YouTube videos and vlogs differ to Instagram posts and blog posts? Are you able to connect more with your YouTube subscribers compared to Instagram followers?

I think YouTube vlogs/videos allow you to connect in a more personal way with your viewers compared to Instagram. Video is as close to a face to face conversation as it gets haha. There is definitely more room to show your personality and everyday unfiltered self that makes you real. Instagram definitely has its place though, I feel like youtube and Instagram go hand in hand. Instagram is a way to connect everyday with you viewers and followers which can't be done as frequently through YouTube. It also allows you to share more of your artsy and creative side through photography too, whilst still maintaining authenticity.

8. Do you think bloggers and Instagram girls should be more open to sharing in the moment posts from their everyday lives rather than a more saturated, thought out version? 

I think there needs to be a balance of saying 'hey guys, just remember I don't look like this everyday and sometimes these photos are old when really I was sick or editing in my sweats all day. ". Personally I love Instagram for its creativity and that you can show what you want to show, but I also think there needs to be reality checks from us bloggers/youtubers, if we are not always posting from in the moment. 

9. What advice would you give to young girls looking to start a YouTube channel or blog?

Just do it! Hehe. It is such a scary but exhilarating roller coaster of emotions when starting something new, but once you take the first step it can be the best move of your life! If I could give any advice for starting though, it would be share what you are passionate about (even if you think others won't like you for it because trust me they will) and be unapologetically you from the start, as that's what makes people fall in love with you and your YouTube/blog. The real you is the best you and starting online that way can be kind of scary but is sends an important message to other young girls that it's okay to be yourself and that we all have a special message to share! 

10. Who are your style inspirations? And why?

There's just so many haha! I adore Pia Muehlenbeck's style ( weee Aussie gals represent), it's very unique but sleek and I love that she is never afraid to be creative. 
Sonya Esman, Mary Seng (HappilyGrey) and Aimee Song ( SongofStyle) are also some of my other faves who have impeccable taste in clothes and style

Much love,

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