Industry Experience


Photos 1-2- David Jones Autumn Winter Launch, 3-4- David Jones Autumn Racing Workshops, 5-6- Westfield Miranda Visual Merchandising, 7- Orana College Social Media Interning, 8-10- David Jones Spring Summer Launch, 11-16- Bridal and Honeymoon Showcase, 17- MYER Miranda Visual Merchandising.

It would be an understatement to say that my time at Orana has opened my eyes to the fashion industry. The industry experience has allowed me to do things I'd never imagined doing, learn incredible things and meet so many influential people. It has definitely been trying at times and a bit difficult, but I'm super grateful to have had the opportunity to intern and volunteer at so many amazing events and companies. 

To share a little insight at just how much interning I've done, here are the numbers:
- Done 5 internships at 4 different places over just 20 weeks
- Dressed 4 different models in 25 different looks for more fashion shows and rehearsals than I can count
- Changed outfits for mannequins more than 50 times.  
-  Steamed more than 90 times.
- And, most importantly, eaten takeaway food in the midst of events and internships more times than I can count!

Thank you to my wonderful college, Orana College, for providing me with so many opportunities time and time again to allow me to continuously expand my knowledge of the industry! My industry experience has definitely been a notable highlight of my year!

Much love,

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