My Favourite Instagram Accounts in 2017


Hello, lovely people!

Wow, its been a while since I introduced a blog post like that! In light of 2018 only being 2 sleeps away, I thought I would curate a list of my favourite Instagram accounts that I have constantly stalked throughout 2017! Everyone from Youtubers and photographers, to minor and major digital influencers have been top of my Instagram radar this year, as well as the occasional to-die-for foodie!

Scroll through to see my top 6 picks!
Photographer- 126k Followers

I discovered Andre after he appeared in several vlogs from my fav Youtubers. His photography is so warm and stunning! He regularly shoots with some top Youtubers, hence why I love looking at his account! He's amazing at capturing natural beauty in such a warm and cozy way.

Photographer- 1.7m

Also discovering Brandon after he appeared in several of my fav Youtubers videos, Brandon has quickly become my absolute favourite photographer. His whimsical photography style and Urban Outfitters model vibe make for a match made in heaven once captured by the lens of one Brandon Woelfel. If I could even come close to taking photos like Brandon, my entire life would be made.

Vegan Food and Lifestyle- 478k Followers

I only discovered Amanda recently, after seeing one of her platters on my Pinterest feed. I'm a sucker for good-looking food on Instagram, and Amanda's page is no exception. Her vegan eats and platters are absolutely incredible and I love trying to recreate them! I only ever look at food pages to either recreate them or just because the food looks so. freaking. good!

Fashion Blogger and Youtuber- 1564 followers

Stunning to say the least, Georgia Cate is the next fashion babe to watch. With collaborations with Supre, Factorie and Cotton On under her belt, her style is so effortlessly cool. The epitome of a young fashion it-girl. If you love clean street style and cute behind-the-scenes selfies and snaps- Georgia Cate is your girl!
Fashion Blogger and Creative Director- 894k

I feel like is a total no-brainer, and why I'm still typing in this section for Sarah Ellen is beyond me. Australia's fashion darling has kept me on my toes with every pic, from her Vogue Australia feature to every campaign, fashion show and event, Sarah Ellen and her Instagram will always have the key to my heart!

Youtuber- 3.8m Followers

This DIY Queen is not only reigning supreme on Youtube (with almost 10 million YouTube subscribers) she is also a new fav of mine on Instagram. Her bright, bubbly and colourful feed is so my aesthetic and makes me so happy to scroll through! I love seeing all of her travels, friends, and dog!

Well there you have it! My last post of 2017! I have absolutely loved creating content to share with you all and continuously raising the bar for myself to create bigger and better content. 2018 is going to bring so much more; more fashion, more editorials, more lifestyle and more me! I cant wait to share!

Happy New Year, lovely people!

Much love,

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