Imagine this.

Imagine walking down a long busy street, filled with people, cars and trees. Imagine being fresh out of high school, looking for a fresh start after 6 years of great highs and miserable lows. Imagine being so excited you can sit still. You can't stop thinking about the amazing experiences about to happen as you open the door. A black door, to be precise; a black door buried amongst cafes and houses. Open the door. Open the door and walk up the narrow staircase. This, my friend, is just the beginning of where the magic happens.
Imagine classes filled with like-minded people. Classes that allow you to taste each aspect of the industry. Taught by the best of the best. Filled with people who share just as much passion for the industry as you do. And people whose passion for the industry allows them to be able to teach you the in's and out's of fashion. Imagine people who only want to best for you, who will continuously be your raving fan, no matter how difficult and overwhelming life gets. People who consider even the littlest of achievements to be the greatest of successes. People who believe hard work is the key to achieving your dreams, and push you towards those dreams. Imagine studying in an environment where you aren't just another number. And imagine making friends for life. Something you probably didn't expect walking through that black door and up the narrow stairs.

Imagine life changing experiences and opportunities. Imagine rubbing shoulders with fashion's elite... Karlie Kloss, Shanina Shaik, Bridget Malcolm, Jesinta Franklin, Jessica Gomes. Imagine interning for some wonderful companies and working alongside people who ooze passion. People who want to teach you everything they know about their jobs. Learning things so incredibly valuable about those aspects of the industry. Imagine working backstage at incredible fashion shows and events. Dressing models and feeling the adrenaline as each fast-paced, fun show runs its course. Grab hold of each and every one of these opportunities. The more you experience, the more you learn. Imagine ever-lasting connections with industry professionals and experiences you can fill your resume with. These things don't just last for a month or a year, they last forever. Cherish that.

Imagine being able to create incredible original content with the studio. Using equipment to create magic with fellow students and other creatives within the industry. Imagine having major works that are both exciting and challenging at the same time. Imagine using your creativity and imagination to create outstanding pieces of work for your portfolio. Imagine having the handfuls of resources right at your fingertips. Expanding your knowledge and learning every single day you step foot into campus. Utilise these as best as you can. Your time here is precious. Savour every last drop of the experience.
Imagine growing both professionally and personally. The experiences and opportunities not only teach you things about the industry, but as you put your heart and soul into everything you do, you will learn things about yourself. Imagine learning how to deal with fast-paced situations. Learning to deal with every type of person the fashion industry has to deal with; the good, the bad and the extremely intimidating.  Just embrace the challenge and fear and let it make you stronger. Imagine figuring out what aspects of the industry you do and don't like. Maybe you'll find your calling. No matter what, you'll be more knowledgeable and more confident going into the industry after your experiences and opportunities.

This, my friend, is Orana. Studying at this beautiful, magical, wonderful place has been one of the best things I have ever chosen to do. Not only have I made friends for life, I've made connections I never thought possible, created content to a calibre I've never thought I could create to and had experiences of a lifetime. No matter how hard these experiences may be or how much pressure I've put on myself to deliver, I am forever grateful to the teachers at Orana, who push me to success, and everyone who makes the experiences and opportunities possible for people like me. I'm proud of myself for rising to each and every challenge brought my way, making huge improvements in my life and learning things about the industry that I will hold for an eternity to come. In the end, that's what learning and studying is all about.

Thankyou Orana for a magical year!

Much love,  

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