Outfit 1: Playsuit- Cooper St, Sheer Skirt- Eclect, Earrings- Kmart.
Outfit 2: Dress- Modella Clothing, Necklace- Colette by Colette Hayman
Outfit 3: Bralette- Nonac the Label, Flare Pants- MVN the Label, Jacket- Zara, Sunglasses- Rayban, Necklace- H&M.

A natural beauty lost in the glitz and glamour. The flashing lights, the cameras, the chaos. It wasn't what she truly wanted. She had lost herself in it all. She was real and genuine in a world full of make-believe. A world full of expectations. Full of unrealistic standards. All she wanted was to find herself. Find herself amongst the beauty of nature. The beauty of the sand between her toes. The beauty of the waves crashing in front of her and the sea-breeze brushing through her hair. She smiled. She realised that if she was strong enough to walk away from all she had ever dreamt of, then she was capable of so much more than that. She was so much more capable of doing the things in life that brought her joy. Pure joy. That was day she found herself. Found herself amongst everything in the world.

Creative Direction: Jessica Cook
Styling: Talia Xu 
Photography: Elodie Goriauxknox

Much love,

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