I copied Sarah Ellen's Instagram for a week. (Part 1)


Hello, lovely people!

I've been seeing so much of this 'copying a celeb's instagram' over YouTube and thought it was such fun idea for me to do on my blog.

When thinking of who to copy for a week, it was a no-brainer coming up with the first person I'm recreating... Sarah Ellen. Her candid style shots and fun selfies make for an impeccable Instagram feed, something I found so fun recreating (and also a little tricky at times!)

I recreated six of her photos (part 1 this week, part 2 next week), and gave myself a score out 10 for each picture! Comment on my latest Instagram post to share your thoughts on how I did, and who I should copy next? Im thinking some well known models, my favourite Youtubers and the stunning Jess Conte... let me know your thoughts and who you'd love to see!

1. 8/4/2017
I'm wearing: Top- Jay Jays, Jacket- Supre, Jeans- Cotton On, Choker- Colette by Colette Hayman, Necklace- Forever 21.
Score: 8/10
I loved recreating this one- its such a classic denim on denim look! The only thing I would have changed would be the angle in which the pic was taken and actually wearing a plain white singlet.

2. 30/11/2015

I'm wearing: Crop top- Lorna Jane, Shorts- Best & Less, Magazine- Instyle
Score: 9/10
This one was super easy to recreate! Definetely the easiest of the lot- a fun shot with easy clothes to copy. I would have changed to a black crop top and had different bedding... but still a great recreation!

3. 6/1/2018

I'm wearing: Crop top- Lorna Jane, Overalls- Cotton On, Necklace- Forever 21.
Score- 7/10
This one was a little tricky. Trying to recreate her (perfect) face and pose was somewhat difficult.. but we got there in the end! If I would have pushed my hair out of my face a little more and had a less serious facial expression, it would have been so good!!

Tune in next week to see part 2 of these pictures, Im so happy with how they turned out!

Much love,

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