I copied Sarah Ellen's Instagram for a Week (Part 2)


Hello, lovely people!

Seeing as you all enjoyed part 1 to my attempt at copying Sarah Ellen's Instagram for a week, here is part 2!

1. 12/5/2016
I'm wearing: Slip Dress- Modella Clothing, Jacket- Supre.
Score: 8/10
This pose was so easy to recreate as well as the outfit... my jacket is almost identical! The only differences would be the background and my hair length!

2. 30/11/2015

I'm wearing: Shirt- Cotton On, Shorts- Piping Hot c/o Target.
Score: 7/10
Once again, the background is a let down but this pic was so fun to recreate. I loved the comfy outfit and munching on my fav snack to get the perfect shot. I scored this one lower than the previous one as the background was so detailed in Sarah's pic as well as the top and food being different. But overall, I still think I did a really good job.

3. 22/8/2016

I'm wearing: Slip Dress- Cotton On, Sunglasses- Supre.
Score: 9/10
This one has to be my absolute favourite recreation of Sarah's. I don't mean to toot my own horn by I did an awesome job with this one. The pose, the outfit and facial expressions for almost perfect! I also think this is also quite a pretty photo of me. Only thing again would be the background.

Hope you enjoyed this little series of blog posts- let me  know who I should recreate next!

Much love,

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