4 Photography Hacks To Take Better Instagram Photos


Hello lovely people,

As I learn more and more about photography, I have learnt some fun little things that I can do to make my photos look ten times cooler, and that's what I'm sharing with you today! These are some hacks I've seen on Instagram and in YouTube vids, and they are super easy to recreate on a DSLR camera or even an iPhone.

1. Using Long Exposure Shots
I just learnt how to do these on my DSLR and I'm obsessed now. Set your camera's aperture (or exposure) to something really long, like 5-10 seconds. Use your phone torch or some fairy lights (I used fairy lights above) and move them around to create fun shapes with lights. It takes a few times to get a good shot but it's totally worth it for that Insta-worthy shot!

2. Having Rainbows in your photos.
This one is super easy to recreate and there are a couple ways you could achieve this hack. In the above image, I use a CD and held it at a certain angle towards direct sunlight, then holding it towards the corner of my camera lens, I was able to get a super pretty rainbow light leak in the corner of my picture. Other ways you can achieve rainbows is with prisms and suncatchers (I think I need to invest in some of these) or sometimes in my house I find little rainbows to stand in front of, like this one I posted to Instagram.

3. Bokeh Shots.

This is my favourite photography trend at the moment, I want to use it in every single one of my photos! To achieve this look, hold fairy lights close to the lens of your camera... so simple! Sometimes I hold them all close to the lens or I'll hold one end close to the end and the other end will be closer to the subject of the photo. There are heaps of examples on my Instagram.

4. Lens Blur.

A super pretty hack that adds so much interest to a plain old image. Take this image above for example, it could have been just a two dimensional shot of a flower amongst some leaves, but using my 50mm 1.8 lens I was able to achieve a stunning blurred background with the flower standing out nice and sharp. My phone camera also achieves this effect, as well as some apps allow you to manually blur the background of an image.

Hope these hacks help you to achieve those perfect Instagram shots!

Let me know in the comments of my Instagram if you would like more photography tips and posts!

Much love,

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