19 Things I've Learnt in 19 Years


Hello, lovely people!

After a whirlwind week at MBFWA, yesterday I celebrated by 19th birthday at home with my family! A nice day with my favourite people and an amazing cake!

I thought I would sit down and write a post about the 19 things I've learnt in 19 years, something different rathe than a birthday haul, photo diary or outfit post. Enjoy!

1. People go but how they left always stays.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for help.

3. Listen before you speak.

4. Your opinion matters just as much as everyone else's.

5. Inspiration can be found everywhere... literally.

6. Don't be afraid of new experiences.

7. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

8. Family will always have your back.

9. Trust yourself before anyone else.

10. Money doesn't grow on trees, be wise with how you spend.

11. Cake and chocolate make life so much better.

12. Everything tastes better with tomato sauce.

13. Some things just never get old, no mater how many times you've seen, done or had them.

14. People on Instagram are a lot nicer than those on Facebook (just saying ;) )

15. If you're not perfect and you're life isn't perfect, why should Instagram feed be perfect?

16. People who want the best of you and want you to succeed in life are the best kind of people.

17. You might forget what people said, but you'll never forget the way they made you feel.

18. Be obsessively grateful.

19. Don't act like you're better than anyone else. Be humble in both success and failure.

Thankyou to everyone who sent birthday messages and comments to me yesterday!

Much love,

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