How I Edit my Instagram Photos


Hello lovely people!

After doing some polls on my Instagram Stories, one of the most popular choices for today's blog post was 'how I edit my photos'! My process is super simple, but I've attached images of apps I use and different options I use in each app to get the finished image.

1. Start with app 'Colour Story' and choose the photo you would like to edit.

In this app, I go to 'Filters' and choose the 'Essential' pack. From here, I click on the 'Ice Ice' filter (a nice filter that turns images a bit cooler and smoother) and turn it down so its set at about 75%.

2. Use the app 'Snapseed' to fine tune the image.

First, I crop the image. Sometimes I do square or sometimes I do a 4:3 crop.

Then, I click 'Tune Image' to adjust brightness. (usually between +20 and +50)

Contrast. (not a lot, no more than +15)

Saturation. (no more than +20)

Sometimes I play with highlights, warmth and shadows if needed. For this image, I added +8 of warmth.

And there you have it! Not too much goes into the editing process as I love to keep my photos bright and natural... nothing ever looks fake or altered.

Much love,

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