MBFWA 2018 Photo Diary


Above (three)- Lee Mathews show.

Above- Blair Archibald show.

Above- FDS: The Innovators show.

Above (two)- Raffles International Showcase.  

Above- Roopa show.

Above- Deadly Ponies showing.

Above- Ambra Maddalena showing.

Above (three)- Whyte Studio R19 Sydney Launch event.

Well what a week it's been! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia has seriously been one of the coolest experiences of my life! To go from volunteering there last year, to attending as an industry guest this year, I am super grateful to all the brands and designers who allowed me to attend their shows and view their amazing collections!

I would have to say my favourite shows were Lee Mathews and Blair Archibald. The Lee Mathews runway was like a breath of fresh air amongst all of the glitz and glamour, whereas Blair Archibald brought something very minimal but still very unique to his debut MBFW runway show.

The Whyte Studio brunch event was also a highlight of my schedule. Their collection was beautifully executed and still so incredibly wearable.

Shoutout to Courtney for being my right hand gal the entire week, going with you made my week so much better.  

Until next time, much love,

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